Linares vs Campbell -Review

Saturday night seen Luke Campbell push Jorge Linares in a way I didn’t think he had in him. The Ex-Olympian really put in a coming of age performance and was unlucky not to bring the titles home.

Linares vs Campbell

From the start as you would expect these two started very tentatively in the first round ,bur even this early you could see the tactics Luke Campbell was going to use to try and and keep the technician Jorge Linares off him . As i said in the preview Luke Cambell has a very good jab to work off , but we could see early that Campbell was also using jab to stop Linares getting close enough to go to work.

In the second round it was a bit of more of the same Jorge looking busy , but Campbell was  doing well  to minimise Linares’s work by good movement and judging distance relatively well ……well that was right to the the off the round when a momentary lapse in Campbell’s concentration let him down . As he was backing off Linares he made the mistake of coming back in a straight line , a mistake a man like Linares will punish given the chance . Linares landed a beautiful lightning quick  combination that sent Campbell to the canvas , although Campbell didn’t look hurt it was a warning for him that mistakes like that , at this level will be punished .

For the next few rounds where much better for Campbell , but without picking up any rounds on 0n my scorecard, but instead of getting his head down after the knockdown , he done the opposite ,Campbell cut out the mistakes and really started to use his jab brilliantly, keeping Linares at bay and really frustrating him as the rounds went buy , after 6 rounds i had 5-1 Linares (plus Knockdown so 6 points up)

Going into round seven and Campbell himself really looked to be growing in confidence . Not only had Campbell stuck to his game plan but he was moving round the ring and following up the jab , landing some nice shots . Jorge Linares was looking more and more frustrated , he just couldn’t get close enough to Campbell to make anything count , and when he was getting close he was being tagged by that Campbell jab . Round eight was more of the same , Campbell was really Starting to enjoy himself in there . I said in the preview that Campbell had never really impressed me since turning pro , well on Saturday he looked like he belonged in there with the best in the division .

Round nine was a close round ,and a round where Linares had changed his tactics . Instead of going for the lightning quick combos , Linares had started landing single shits when inside then getting back out as up until that point Campbell was catching him very regularly . It was a funny round Linares clearly took the early  stages but Campbell had his moments before a decent end to the round for Linares .In round ten we could definitely see Linares’s workrate going up , but Campbell was still in there plodding away with that jab but not as much work coming behind it now. Linares was mixing it up a bit more , but still only looking to land single shots at a time .

Going into the last two rounds Jorge Linares looked to have found a second wind just as Cambell may be starting to feel the pace . Campbell had fought a very well disciplined fight but maybe he was just slowing down ever so slightly which was giving Linares the chance to get inside more regularly , but make no mistake Jorge Linares really needed to up the pace when he did . Going into the final round you could see the respect Linares had for Luke Campbell , both men met in the middle of the ring with raised smiles before going to war for one last round . In the end Campbell went out to try and fight fire with fire , and did have successes in the round but most of the the eye catching stuff came from the champion Linares .

(DjayBoxing Card 7-5 Linares + knockdown 116-113)

So to the score cards we go and after last weeks debacle I’m sure there where a lot of nervous people in that arena Victor Laghlan 113-115 Campbell……Max Deluca 114-113 Linares , Zac Young 115–112 Linares and for me the right man won , god knows where Laghlan got that card from.

Now just before i leave you guys i would like to just say a massive well done to Luke Campbell . The news broke today that his fathert had passed away a couple weeks ago , for that lad to go out there and be that focused and push a guy like Linares to the very limit just shows how strong the lad is mentally .

Steven Donnell


The People vs Paul Smith, Eddie Hearn and Gilberto Mendoza

The good people of the jury, I intend to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, that the three accused are bringing the good name of Boxing into disrepute through what can only be described as corruption, blackmail, bullying and down right fascisim .

I will start presenting my case with Paul “The Unworthy” Smith . This man is in line to fight for the WBA Super Middleweight Title (Regular) by doing nothing of any relevence since taking on Andre Ward in 2015. Even then, Smith missed the 172lbs catchweight by a massive 4.4lbs, drawing P4P superstar Ward to call him “unprofessional”. Not that it made any difference of course, as Andre Ward took him to Skool before stopping him. Since then, Paul Smith has had 3 fights (sorry not just three fights but three 6 round fights) with his opponents, having combined losses of just 68, and Smith still managed to take one of those fights to the scorecards (recompose after laughter). To me and most other people, Paul Smith is a domestic level fighter. This is not an insult, in fact Paul Smith WAS a really good domestic level boxer, but the pinnacle of his career was in the 2014 Title fight against Arthur Abraham. He put in a good account of himself and lost the fight on the cards but since then had been in rapid decline until a few weeks ago, when the most remarkable thing happened .

Now lets have a look at Mendoza and the WBA’s role in this crime. Whilst I was on the WBA website, seeing how high a good friend of ours David Brophy was ranked at Super Middleweight, after David went to Australia and stopped Zac Dunn (a top 10 ranked guy with 4 governing bodies) there it was staring me back in the face ……No5 Paul Smith? Two places above No7 Arthur Abraham, five places above commonwealth champion No10 David Brophy. Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I know what you must be thinking “its obviously been a mistake” as I thought this myself “how can a guy who’s done nothing in years be ranked so high?”. In this digital age, you may even have thought that the WBA had been hacked and this was a hilarious prank by some cyber geek (again this had also crossed my mind). Fast Forward a few days and ALL becomes clear from this cloud of corruption. Whilst going through my timeline on twitter, I see the news has been dropped

“Super Middleweight Champion Tyrone Zeuge will take on Paul Smith jnr”

Now usually with things this shitty in boxing, you get angry, then that turns to laughter. Not this time. After seeing this, the anger turned to rage . Seeing what guys like David Brophy go through to get ranked, in the hope that one day the phone will ring with an offer to go fight for a World Title. For all the sacrifices made in and out the gym to not only go unnoticed but actually treated with contempt by a Governing body and there President, by giving Paul Smith his third shot a title. Now it has took me so long to bring this case against the WBA as Mendoza had said on Twitter that the WBA where going to review this fight. I had hoped a bit of sense and fairness would come through in the end, but then Mendoza’s twitter went cold. He’s not only ignoring the 1000’s of tweets asking about this fight , but he actually took to mocking fans of the sport by quoting there tweets and calling them “bitches” (paraphrasing there) .

Now that takes me on nicely to Mr Eddie “Adolf” Hearn , who may be last up in my case  but he is certainly the mastermind behind this racket. Mr Hearn is the leader of one the five families of boxing (the other 4 being WBA,WBO,WBC and IBF) who’s power and reach should not be underestimated. If you are not a boxing fan you might not have even heard of this fight, that is because the mainstream boxing/sports media dare not speak up against Hearn or Matchroom. You can say what you want about Eddie but he does put on some of the biggest sporting events in the UK today, and thats his biggest weapon . If the media speak out against Hearn he does have the power to ban them from these shows and there build ups, which is usually are events in themselves . He treats the press like dogs. They do something for him they get a treat, they do something against him they get punished . Eddie Hearn does have one major flaw that this fight has exposed over the past few weeks and thats that he cannot accept any sort of criticism. On Hearn’s last IFL he went on a half hour rant about Tommy “Guru” Allan and Brian King, personally attacking both because they asked co-accused  Gilberto Mendoza to justify Smiths ranking . Then it was my turn, Adolf Hearn had tweeted “anything is possible” and I replied “Paul Smith fighting for a title proves that’. He then went on the attack about how I am a “shit journalist” (for the record I don’t break the news I comment on it, that makes me a commentator) and even after I baited him with Paul Smith name and credentials, he didn’t come forward to his defence. I guess even the mighty Eddie Hearn can’t sell this one to the British public .

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, in the court of public opinion, I feel I have put forward the most compelling case … do you find the defendent ?

Below i would like to enter Exhibits A,B,C,D as evidence)


Steven Donnell

Crolla vs Linares Review + My Thoughts on Joe Gallagher

Well folks on Saturday night we got to see something special, we got to see Jorge Linares get back to his absolute best as he took Anthony Crolla to peices over the 12 rounds . Most people expected a Linares win but the way in which he went about this victory sent a message out to the rest of the division .

From the off Linares looked sharper,quicker and more accurate than Crolla and although  there was not a lot to cheer it was obvious that Crolla had a mountain to climb if he was to win back his world title . As the early rounds crept on past Jorge Linares quickly worked his way thru the gears , catching Crolla out with his wide variation of punches to which Crolla had little to no reply . Crolla was taking a massive amount of punishment  trying to get inside and force Linares backwards , but the few times he did get inside he done something that was ludicras , he covered up, stood static and tried to throw single shots , i really couldn’t believe what i was watching . The first time these two had met Crolla was on a bit of a good run and although he was clearly outclassed in that fight he was a threat and did give Linares problems , this time Linares was even better but Crolla looked like a shadow of his former self, he looked as if he lacked belief and by half way i had Linares up by six rounds and really on cruise control . In the seventh Linares was really opening up on Crolla and even sent him to the canvas with a lovely upper cut Crolla didn’t even see coming , and it did for a bit look as tho the end was near but Anthony Crolla showing some great heart seen out the round . The trip to the canvas seemed to wake Crolla up because he took the eighth, but still only landing single shots and never really putting Linares in trouble, but it did look for a while that Linares might have gassed but that wasn’t to be for Crolla , Linares was just having a round off . In the closing rounds Linares went back up the gears the ,Crolla was struggling and there was very little coming back but Crolla having the heart of a lion would not stop coming forward . At the end of the eleventh as Crolla made his way back to his corner, Crolla and his trainer Joe Gallagher seemed to have a confrontation , Gallagher was trying to stop the fight going into the last round but after some pleading Crolla came out and stuck on in until the end to take some pride  in taking  it to the cards, but it was only a formality as all judges had scored it 118-109 , this really was a masterclass from Linares setting him up nice for Mikey Garcia to see who’s the No1 in the division .

So what next for Crolla ?

I think there is only one logical route for Crolla and thats to finally demand Eddie Hearn give the fans the fight they want, Crolla v Flanigan ,two lads from the same city who went to the same school fighting for a world title , that fight sells big , if nothing else it could be a massive check out fight for Anthony Crolla ,but already Hearn has put road blocks infant of this fight demanding Crolla gets £1m purse for the fight which is insane for a guy coming off two losses and holds no belts .

Now onto Joe Gallagher, Saturday night was a disaster for Gallagher and any fighter worth there weight will leave or stay well clear of this outdated dinosaur. I said in my preview to this fight Gallagher must leave his ego at the door but very early on in the night we seen that could never happen . Youngster Marcus Morrison was left in the ring by Gallagher to be savagely beaten from pillar to post for ten rounds , a fight that shouldn’t have went past the sixth, and really did become painful to watch to the point Tony Bellew on commentary was pleading for Gallagher to stop it to no avail . Then in the main event Crolla was sent out with the same boring domestic level tactics of high guard ,no head movement and just to walk forward onto severe punishment from a world class operator in Linares , bizarrely Gallagher had seen enough after eleven rounds and tried to stop it , Crolla is an experienced boxer who had 3 mins left to fight for pride and Gallagher tried to pull him out , yet let a youngster fight be humiliated for most of the ten rounds earlier in the evening ………madness .

Steven Donnell

Haye v Bellew : what a circus 

“I’m the money fight” he said “I’m the money fight ” and with that my fucking soul was destroyed. No folks this isn’t an extract from Floyd Mayweather memoirs,this was how far into the circus that is David Haye V Tony Bellew fight presser I was willing to go. Now let’s be honest with Bellew,Hearn and Haye all at one table this was always going to be a cringeworthy event but nothing could prepare me for what was unfolding. 

At the start we had the obligatory droning on of Eddie Hearn telling half truths mixed with shite, followed by a personal attack by David Haye on Hearn (which I did find rather entertaining) to which super Tony B jumps to his PIMPS defence which kicks off the worst kind of little girl argument you could imagine …..a little girl argument involving a scouser .

Now as I’m  writing this Iam still angry so might come across a bit harsh but I need to vent somewhere as the wife’s stopped listening to me. The worst bit of the full thing wasn’t David Haye all but gurenteeing ppv sales are massive with a well choreographed  left hook as the pair squared up, no the worst bit for me was Tony Bellew ,a man who was skooled by Chilemba started shouting “I’m the money fight” and then went on to talk about Hayes CV and shout he’s a world champion,due to his hostage WBC cruiserweight world title , it shows the shamelessness of the guy when he win a vacant title then defends it against a Doorman in Flores and now moving up to fight Haye so his titles safe and out of the reach of any mandatory challenger at cruiserweight, TONY BELLEW IS NOT A LEGIT CHAMPION 

I will be taking no further notice of this circus roadshow until fight night because to be quite honest Bellew/Haye are making a fool of the sport and it’s fans ,this is a massive mismatch let’s not butter it up I give Bellew next to no chance and after his WWE antics over the past few months I look forward to seeing him look a fool,laying on the canvas at Hayes feet ,the only down side is all we will hear from Haye is how good a win it is but hey it’s well worth it .

Dino @DJayboxingblog

Haye vs Bellew circus

Crolla vs Linares preview and Prediction 

Crolla vs Linares, the fight I’ve been waiting for, this is going to be a cracker really is to close to call but I’m going to give a bash .

This is by far Anthony Crolla’s  biggest test to date against the very talented 3 weight world champion Jorge Linares but Crolla looks to have raised his game in the past few fights which really sets this up as a must see. In Crolla’s last fight against Ismeal Barroso crolla went in as a few peoples underdog and looked to be in trouble early on but in true Crolla style he worked his way out of trouble and had Barroso in trouble before finishing him in the 7th round to retain his WBO World Titile .This fight wasn’t just a testament to Crolla’s grit but also showed a power in his shots that had really went unnoticed .I have no doubt Crolla will have to fight at a level he’s never fought at before but I believe he capable of raising his game to another level.

Jorge Linares is quite simply one of the most skilful boxers in the sport,Linares in full flight is a thing of beauty, the hand speed,the variation of punches with the movement to go with it he really is a treat to the eye. Just as Linares was about to shine after capturing the WBC lightweight world title he suffered a broken hand which seen him stripped of the belt .He will be taking on Crolla with the view of tuning up for his compulsory challenge to regain his lightweight world title  from Zlaticanin,But as good as Linares is there are still big question marks over his chin and Crolla can also take heart from the fact Linares starts to fade in the later rounds whilst Joe Galleghers boxers usally turn it up the second half of the fight .

Predictions: I will be attending this fight in Manchester MEN Arena supporting Crolla hoping he can pull it off but the smart money has to go on Linares . I think it will go to the cards and if it does I can only see a Linares win, if Crolla is to do this he will be looking for a late stoppage around the 10th and with the energy Linares uses up in the first half of a fight you might get decent odds on over 7.5 rounds and crolla stoppage .Either way this is going to be a classic I really can’t wait 
Dino @DJayboximg (Twitter) 

Where now for Kel Brook

First off I just want to say a massive well done to Kel Brook who really gave a good account of himself, and really gave GGG something to think about at times in the fight especially in the second round he showed his hand speed could give GGG some problems even if he didn’t have the power to really hurt Golovkin. Kel put up a great fight and showed he was willing to give being great a try .

So where next for Brook? : Well to me it’s obvious, Kel has a big future at 154lbs with some massive fights there for him and might even tempt Khan to come out and take the Brook fight but after Brooks performance against GGG I doubt Khan would be keen on it now. The obvious fight we would love to see as fans is Brook/Canelo and do you know what,I could see Brook giving him all sorts of trouble with the power and speed that he might not carry at middleweight this could also get made quick as it would hold up Canelo finally taking on GGG but be big enough to keep Canelos mass of supporters happy who have slowly but surly been dwindling .

Not a massive blog today but thought I would say my bit and let the folks know that right now I’m probably the highest I have ever been on Brook and filled with confidence He has the ability to clean up at 154lbs if the rest of the division finds its balls . 

Brook vs GGG ….I’m torn between heart and mind 

So it’s nearly here GGG vs Brook ,and with the old firm game taking place in Glasgow and the Manchester Darby also happening on 10th September  what a weekend of showpiece events we are in for .I have been a critic of this fight but I am starting to get caught up in the hype and the bombardment of sky mouthpieces telling us this is a much closer fight than my own judgement is telling me ,Iam having a dilemma .

My heart : Kel Brook is looking good at middleweight, my main worry was that he was going to eat up to the weight and be flabby, but not at all anyone who’s seen any of the sky sports specials you will see the huge frame and well trimmed body which has Brook looking every bit the middleweight. Brook also hit hard at welterweight so if his power tranferes up to middleweight he will be able to hit and hurt GGG and seeing how Brook controlled Porter by spoiling and choosing when to counter nearly seen Brook get the KO ,will Brook try the same again I don’t know but sky sports seems to think that’s a game plan that could work .

My Mind: No matter how good and ripped he looks at middleweight he is a welterweight, Brook has never been in with a middleweight never mind the No1 middleweight in the world like GGG . A few times on sky sports I have seen them talk about how Sugar Ray Leonard went from welterweight right the way up light heavyweight becoming world champion at at the 5 weights between so Kel Brook can do this …..what a load a shit, comparing Kel Brook to Sugar Ray Is fucking outrageous, sugar is easily top 3 of all time Kel Brook isn’t even No1 welterweight but that’s sky being sky and being the casuals choice for boxing. Kel Brook has never been hit with the power that GGG carries, he’s took big shots before never from someone with this lethal power, never from a machine who hunts to kill . The main factor for me isn’t going to be GGG’s power tho it’s gong to be how he cuts off the ring and forces Kel onto his back foot, Brook just cannot fight on the back foot, I can see it now, as  GGG is pushing him back Brook will put himself in the corner, he doesn’t have the cunning to evade this guy from there on Brook will be fighting on borrowed time .

Conclusion : Even now after all the sky sports build up and matchroom tweets etc I can’t sit down and logically see anyway Brook can win. Yeah Brook looks good and might have a future at middleweight but I rate GGG so highly and don’t see anyway Brook can hurt him or take punishment. My prediction is between 5th and 7th round Brook will have took to much to the body and have nothing left,but I must say this …if Brook can survive to the cards for me that’s victory in my eyes,that’s how big an achievement this would be.