Brook vs Spence : Big Fight Preview + Prediction

Well guys the Big Fights just keep coming thick and fast in 2017, but this one feels a bit special , as Special Kell Brook gets ready to take on the very highly rated Errol Spence Jnr in Sheffield on Saturday night . This is a fight i have been shouting had to be made for around 18 months , but after Brook took a stab at GGG at middleweight it was suggested he might drop IBF Welterweight crown and move up , but to my relief and excitement he has hung around to take on his manditory challenger infront of 30,000 at his beloved Bramall Lane.

“Defences against guys like Frankie Gavin and Kevin Bizier doubled with Brook being stabbed in Spain has seen his career stall”

Now i have said before in this blog space that “I used to be high on Kel Brook” in past tense, because Kell Brook (W36/L1/D0 KOs 25) since bringing the IBF strap home after defeating Shawn Porter, has stalled . It has even been suggested that Brook had lost his hunger in the ring. Like most in the the UK, I thought Brook would push on and chase down the biggest fight in the division because he certainly had the talent, but infact the opposite happened. Defences against guys like Frankie Gavin and Kevin Bizier doubled with Brook being stabbed in Spain,  it has seen his career fail to catch fire the past few years. After trying to mix it at middleweight, Brook is back where he belongs and looks ready to take on the best again, even proving sceptics like myself wrong by making weight relatively easy. 

“i think a lot of the stateside pundits maybe underestimating the gulf in class between guys like Algieri and Bundu to Kell Brook”

I’ve sat up and took notice of Errol Spence (W21/L0/D0/kos18)  for a couple of years now . I can remember thinking when i saw him take Chris Algieri apart ,that he reminded me of the Kell Brook of old. Spence does have some genetic advantages over Brook tho like the sheer size of the man, anyone who seen them at the first press conference when the fight had been announced ,couldn’t help notice how big the American was. There is also no questions marks over Spence’s hunger and commitment as he’s been chasing this fight for nearly two years , and i have to admit there did seem a bit of reluctance from the Brook camp to make it even when Spence was ordered as mandatory   . The one thing about Spence tho is he is relatively untested , i think a lot of the stateside pundits maybe underestimating the gulf in class between guys like Algieri and Bundu to Kell Brook , but one thing is for sure by fights end on Saturday night we will see if Spence is the real deal .


I think most people including the two fighters accept this a close 50/50 fight , Brook even suggested he thinks both of them might touch the floor before the fight ends . There are so many unknowns in this fight like , has Brook lost any power coming down to 147lbs again ? He looks very ripped which is a sign of a lean diet .Also no one really knows how Spence will react to  someone actually hitting him back or if his power is as all its cracked up to be . Personally i think this is Spence’s time ,after seeing the lads last few fights i feel he has the  momentum and belief to get the job done , but with how bad some of the judging is in the UK he will need a stoppage to get the win , my money will be on Errol Spence Jnr stoppage rounds 7 to12 for around 10/3 in the bookies .

Steven Donnell


Is Brook Ducking Spence ?

“Dodge, duck ,dip ,dive and dodge”these famous words of dodgeball Guru Patches O’Houlihan seems to have been adopted by IBF welterweight world champion Kel Brook when it comes to facing his manditory Errol Spence Jnr  .

For well over a year now, I’ve been shouting to anyone who would listen that this fight needs to be made. It did look like it was going to happen when Spence beat Chris Aligieri (very convincingly with a 5th  round stoppage) then called out Brook.  Now with Brook having a long lay off with injury, then coming back to defend his strap against Kevin Bizier, this looked like a great a fight and at the right time for both. As loud as Spence shouted, the silence from Brook was deafening . Then we had Eddie Hearn say in an interview “No matter how loud Spence shouts for the fight behind closed doors him and his people don’t want it, we would have no problem making the fight otherwise.”

Now anyone who has watched Spence over the years knows this is a down right lie, the kid has always looked to challenge himself and move up as fast as possible. As for Kel Brook, he has one world level win against Shawn Porter to his name, which was in August 2014, and although that was great win for Brook it was a close fight, in fact I know a few people who scored it the other way. Now Brook was supposed to fight Jessie Vargas which would have been fine with me but then we find out Brook never actually signed to fight Vargas in a unification fight, instead he elected to fight P4P superstar GGG at middleweight. Now this was ballsy, as he didn’t really have a chance in the fight or was it? Brook went into that fight knowing no matter what, he had a pass and not only that but his IBF title was safe at home where he likes it .

Now onto this week, we finally see Errol Spence Jnr brought up in an interview with Brook as the IBF have ordered him to fight the Spence fight next. As it turns out Brook only wants big paydays if he’s to bother making the weight but I can’t imagine he got paid big cash to fight Bizier. The massive stadium fight with Amir Khan is on for the end of the year, but Khan says “only if he fight Spence first.”

I was once a big Kel Brook fan, right the way up to the Porter fight. I thought Brook might just be in top 3 welterweights in the division but as it turns out Brook getting his hands on that IBF title was the worst thing that could have happened for the division, and for his fans . He didn’t want to go on the road to get the big names like Garcia or Thurman, he would rather stay in UK and hold the title hostage becoming an irrelivence . If I am being honest, I cannot see this Brook/Spence fight happening now which is a real shame as it would be a great fight. I can however, see Brook going up to 154lbs to try his luck .

Steven Donnell

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Where now for Kel Brook

First off I just want to say a massive well done to Kel Brook who really gave a good account of himself, and really gave GGG something to think about at times in the fight especially in the second round he showed his hand speed could give GGG some problems even if he didn’t have the power to really hurt Golovkin. Kel put up a great fight and showed he was willing to give being great a try .

So where next for Brook? : Well to me it’s obvious, Kel has a big future at 154lbs with some massive fights there for him and might even tempt Khan to come out and take the Brook fight but after Brooks performance against GGG I doubt Khan would be keen on it now. The obvious fight we would love to see as fans is Brook/Canelo and do you know what,I could see Brook giving him all sorts of trouble with the power and speed that he might not carry at middleweight this could also get made quick as it would hold up Canelo finally taking on GGG but be big enough to keep Canelos mass of supporters happy who have slowly but surly been dwindling .

Not a massive blog today but thought I would say my bit and let the folks know that right now I’m probably the highest I have ever been on Brook and filled with confidence He has the ability to clean up at 154lbs if the rest of the division finds its balls . 

Brook vs GGG ….I’m torn between heart and mind 

So it’s nearly here GGG vs Brook ,and with the old firm game taking place in Glasgow and the Manchester Darby also happening on 10th September  what a weekend of showpiece events we are in for .I have been a critic of this fight but I am starting to get caught up in the hype and the bombardment of sky mouthpieces telling us this is a much closer fight than my own judgement is telling me ,Iam having a dilemma .

My heart : Kel Brook is looking good at middleweight, my main worry was that he was going to eat up to the weight and be flabby, but not at all anyone who’s seen any of the sky sports specials you will see the huge frame and well trimmed body which has Brook looking every bit the middleweight. Brook also hit hard at welterweight so if his power tranferes up to middleweight he will be able to hit and hurt GGG and seeing how Brook controlled Porter by spoiling and choosing when to counter nearly seen Brook get the KO ,will Brook try the same again I don’t know but sky sports seems to think that’s a game plan that could work .

My Mind: No matter how good and ripped he looks at middleweight he is a welterweight, Brook has never been in with a middleweight never mind the No1 middleweight in the world like GGG . A few times on sky sports I have seen them talk about how Sugar Ray Leonard went from welterweight right the way up light heavyweight becoming world champion at at the 5 weights between so Kel Brook can do this …..what a load a shit, comparing Kel Brook to Sugar Ray Is fucking outrageous, sugar is easily top 3 of all time Kel Brook isn’t even No1 welterweight but that’s sky being sky and being the casuals choice for boxing. Kel Brook has never been hit with the power that GGG carries, he’s took big shots before never from someone with this lethal power, never from a machine who hunts to kill . The main factor for me isn’t going to be GGG’s power tho it’s gong to be how he cuts off the ring and forces Kel onto his back foot, Brook just cannot fight on the back foot, I can see it now, as  GGG is pushing him back Brook will put himself in the corner, he doesn’t have the cunning to evade this guy from there on Brook will be fighting on borrowed time .

Conclusion : Even now after all the sky sports build up and matchroom tweets etc I can’t sit down and logically see anyway Brook can win. Yeah Brook looks good and might have a future at middleweight but I rate GGG so highly and don’t see anyway Brook can hurt him or take punishment. My prediction is between 5th and 7th round Brook will have took to much to the body and have nothing left,but I must say this …if Brook can survive to the cards for me that’s victory in my eyes,that’s how big an achievement this would be. 



Spence vs Bundu fights review 

This fight was a final eliminator to be mandatory to Kel Brook for his IBF Welterweight title . From the off no one really gave Bundu a chance, at the age of 42 this was always going to be a to much for him, but dont be fooled this wasn’t an easy match up by any stretch of the imagination, Spence could not take this guy lightly . 

In round one ,we seen Bundu look to confuse Spence buy changing to a right handed stance, Bundu from the start was always looking to come inside off a big wide hook which he had little glimpses of joy . Spence showing great experience for a lad at 26 ,just boxed at length coming in off that fantastic jab of his then back out just breaking Bundu down

Round two , Bundu kept to his game plan of trying to get inside off those big hooks,looking busy but his lack of jab was now apparent, he just didn’t have one. Spence now was finding his range and now working Bundu’s body, and by the end you could really see the body shots taking there toll . Round 3 was pretty much a carbon copy with Spence starting to hit his stride and move up the gears, by now Spence knew Bundu couldn’t hurt him .

Round four , Bundu was showing real heart by now but this fight was slipping away and really you could see Spence just breaking him down ,Bundu also lost his gum shield I’m this and when the ref stopped the fight to let him put it in you could see how heavy he was breathing yet Spence looked to still be stepping it up. 

Round five , Bundu was really finding it hard to send anything back Spences way now, and Spence was landing bigger and cleaner and to be honest you sensed the end was coming.

Round 6 , Spence came out landing some heavy shots which looked to rock Bundu who thru fighting instinct caught Spence with a hook which halted the attack and what would have been the end , but only halted it for a min . In the next exchanges Spence throws a shot to the mid range which Bundu looked to block but you could see the energy sap right out his body causing him to lean on Spence,when Spence gave him a nudge to the floor the ref ruled it as a push, but Spence and anyone watching knew Bundu was really hurt and this was the end. As soon as Bundu got up Spence went on the attack pinning Bumdu against the ropes unloading with big shots knowing one would get thru, and a beautiful right hook which got on behind Bundu’s guard and he didn’t see coming really turned out his lights, he was gone before he hit the ground .

Watch out Kel Brook this guys the real deal , I’m a massive fan and right now rank him no2 in the welterweight division behind Thurman,just a matter of time before he’s a world champ. 

Dino @Djayboxingblog 

Brook vs GGG …Uuffttt

First off I’ve gotta admit I feel a bit of a prick, last weeks blog on Kel Brook was slating him for dragging his heels on the Vargas fight,and that he was making Eddie Hearn look a cunt, I went on ranting about getting this signed and moving on to bigger things in the US . Now we have Kel Brook vs GGG signed and ready to go on September 10th in the O2 Arena ,London and know what, take a bow Kel Brook and Eddie Hearn for making this happen. 

Hearn had looked to have pulled off a master stroke when he got Chris Eubank Jnr a world title fight with superstar GGG,not only this but looked to have secured it to take place in the UK. All looked to be going well until as predicted in a earlier blog Eubank stalled,making outrageous demands that Eddie outlines in this IFL interview (Hearn on GGG,Brook and Eubanks ) Hearn gave them 24hrs to sign the contract to no avail so he offered it to Kel Brook who took 2hrs to get the deal done .
Now Kel Brook deserves all the credit in the world for taking on the most avoided man in the world of boxing. Kel Brook might say he’s a big welterweight but to come up 13lbs to middleweight to take on a man who smokes everyone he fights, a man who seen Canelo Alverez vacate his WBC Middleweight title rather than fight him takes some balls on Brooks behalf it’s an amazing sign of intent . 

But for every bit of credit Brook gets GGG has some questions to answer, I accept with Eubank being a wanker a fight in the UK was on the verge of collapse,but with Brook having to come up to middleweight is this fight really going to be thy competitive ? .On fight night there will probably be around 2stone between the two boxers,add that in with GGG being a power house puncher who’s hard to evade what chance does Brook actually have . Another match up may have been James De Gale, I believe De Gale would have took it as talk of his unification fight with Jack has gone cold also DeGale will fight anyone so GGG reputation would not have phased him. 

In all honesty I’m intrigued by this fight and set up a brilliant September with Smith vs Canelo,Crolla vs Linares and now Brook vs GGG …..fantastic  

Just for some comedy here is some of Eubank Jnr tweets ,enjoy 

Kel Brook Is Making Hearn Look Stupid 

Now from the start I will admit I am a massive critic of Eddie Hearn , his lies he spoon feeds us, the crazy statements and most of all some poor shows makes him an easy target ,but now I have to admit Eddie has done a great job getting Kel Brook “king of the manditory’s” a fantastic unification fight against Jessie Vargas only for Brook to make him look a cunt and start to drag his heels on his biggest fight in years. 

Kel Brooks is a very talented boxer who’s on the verge of Seeing the best years of his career disappear and his lasting legacy will be one good victory which he edged over Shaun Porter wining his IBF world title .That was way back in 2014 since then Brook has done nothing worth talking about. 

I done a blog a few months back asking if Hearn could get Brook the big name fights he deserves, and that we where missing a great British boxer in his prime who waisting away on bum manditory’s, a view shared by most boxing fans when it comes to Brook but Hearn stepped up. Eddie announced to the world on Twitter that Jessie Vargas will come to the UK and take on Brook in Sheffield in a PPV unification fight. Now let’s not forget for Vargas to come to the UK and fight,a place with probably some of the worst judging decisions for foreign boxers would have meant Hearn would have to pay some big money to get Vargas on the plane . 

Now it was announced weeks ago Vargas had signed his half of the deal, Eddie Hearn announced this on Twitter and even had dates lined up and me and the rest of the boxing world thought this was a done deal ,but this week it has came to light that Kel Brook has stalled on putting pen to paper whilst calling out Vargas on Twitter ….the guy who’s already signed up to fight . This for me is a slap on the face for any Brook fans who have been patient on waiting thrugh injury and shit manditory’s aswell as Eddie Hearn who’s been pushing to make Brook a PPV fighter.This surly is Kels time to take his first step toward the biggest names in the division maybe even get that Khan fight he wants . This match up should see Brook win,but he would have to raise his game now I find my self questioning if he has the desire to fulfil his potential or another modern day poser looking to milk fans before fucking off .