The People vs Paul Smith, Eddie Hearn and Gilberto Mendoza

The good people of the jury, I intend to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, that the three accused are bringing the good name of Boxing into disrepute through what can only be described as corruption, blackmail, bullying and down right fascisim .

I will start presenting my case with Paul “The Unworthy” Smith . This man is in line to fight for the WBA Super Middleweight Title (Regular) by doing nothing of any relevence since taking on Andre Ward in 2015. Even then, Smith missed the 172lbs catchweight by a massive 4.4lbs, drawing P4P superstar Ward to call him “unprofessional”. Not that it made any difference of course, as Andre Ward took him to Skool before stopping him. Since then, Paul Smith has had 3 fights (sorry not just three fights but three 6 round fights) with his opponents, having combined losses of just 68, and Smith still managed to take one of those fights to the scorecards (recompose after laughter). To me and most other people, Paul Smith is a domestic level fighter. This is not an insult, in fact Paul Smith WAS a really good domestic level boxer, but the pinnacle of his career was in the 2014 Title fight against Arthur Abraham. He put in a good account of himself and lost the fight on the cards but since then had been in rapid decline until a few weeks ago, when the most remarkable thing happened .

Now lets have a look at Mendoza and the WBA’s role in this crime. Whilst I was on the WBA website, seeing how high a good friend of ours David Brophy was ranked at Super Middleweight, after David went to Australia and stopped Zac Dunn (a top 10 ranked guy with 4 governing bodies) there it was staring me back in the face ……No5 Paul Smith? Two places above No7 Arthur Abraham, five places above commonwealth champion No10 David Brophy. Now ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I know what you must be thinking “its obviously been a mistake” as I thought this myself “how can a guy who’s done nothing in years be ranked so high?”. In this digital age, you may even have thought that the WBA had been hacked and this was a hilarious prank by some cyber geek (again this had also crossed my mind). Fast Forward a few days and ALL becomes clear from this cloud of corruption. Whilst going through my timeline on twitter, I see the news has been dropped

“Super Middleweight Champion Tyrone Zeuge will take on Paul Smith jnr”

Now usually with things this shitty in boxing, you get angry, then that turns to laughter. Not this time. After seeing this, the anger turned to rage . Seeing what guys like David Brophy go through to get ranked, in the hope that one day the phone will ring with an offer to go fight for a World Title. For all the sacrifices made in and out the gym to not only go unnoticed but actually treated with contempt by a Governing body and there President, by giving Paul Smith his third shot a title. Now it has took me so long to bring this case against the WBA as Mendoza had said on Twitter that the WBA where going to review this fight. I had hoped a bit of sense and fairness would come through in the end, but then Mendoza’s twitter went cold. He’s not only ignoring the 1000’s of tweets asking about this fight , but he actually took to mocking fans of the sport by quoting there tweets and calling them “bitches” (paraphrasing there) .

Now that takes me on nicely to Mr Eddie “Adolf” Hearn , who may be last up in my case  but he is certainly the mastermind behind this racket. Mr Hearn is the leader of one the five families of boxing (the other 4 being WBA,WBO,WBC and IBF) who’s power and reach should not be underestimated. If you are not a boxing fan you might not have even heard of this fight, that is because the mainstream boxing/sports media dare not speak up against Hearn or Matchroom. You can say what you want about Eddie but he does put on some of the biggest sporting events in the UK today, and thats his biggest weapon . If the media speak out against Hearn he does have the power to ban them from these shows and there build ups, which is usually are events in themselves . He treats the press like dogs. They do something for him they get a treat, they do something against him they get punished . Eddie Hearn does have one major flaw that this fight has exposed over the past few weeks and thats that he cannot accept any sort of criticism. On Hearn’s last IFL he went on a half hour rant about Tommy “Guru” Allan and Brian King, personally attacking both because they asked co-accused  Gilberto Mendoza to justify Smiths ranking . Then it was my turn, Adolf Hearn had tweeted “anything is possible” and I replied “Paul Smith fighting for a title proves that’. He then went on the attack about how I am a “shit journalist” (for the record I don’t break the news I comment on it, that makes me a commentator) and even after I baited him with Paul Smith name and credentials, he didn’t come forward to his defence. I guess even the mighty Eddie Hearn can’t sell this one to the British public .

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, in the court of public opinion, I feel I have put forward the most compelling case … do you find the defendent ?

Below i would like to enter Exhibits A,B,C,D as evidence)


Steven Donnell

It Might Be Harsh, But It’s A Quit

Since i was a young lad I’ve always looked at the top boxers in the world as superhumans , watching guys like Evander Holyfield fight Riddick Bowe in amazement, wondering to myself  “How can these guys still be standing” ,also  every boxing fan who’s worth there salt loves Ward/Gatti , Barrera/Morales and more recently Salido/Vargas . These guys put everything on the line, for them quitting was not an option, sorry , it is an option but its not one they would consider . Now as harsh as it sounds ,i think you have to say Kell Brook quit ,to say otherwise disrespects what what these other warriors stand for .

It was not worth “Risk v Reward” ,which i will not have a go at him for.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say “I would have fought on” infact the opposite is true , a soon as i suspected there was a serious problem, i would have stopped . Brook fought on , but with the fight getting away from him due to Spence’s energy sapping shots and Brooks eye swelling up , Brook decided with a suspected broken orbital bone , that it was not worth “Risk v Reward” which is fine, infact  i thought Bellew’s comments after the fight where a bit much as every man has his limits .

Am i saying Brook is like Nick Walters, no chance.

Since the fight has ended i do have a problem with the lack of respect from some fans for the guys who would put there life on the line rather than quit . If you think this way ask yourself this , If Brook thought he was well ahead of Spence , would he have quit ? …would he fuck . These other people, like Brooks trainer calling it an injury and trying to devalue Spence’s performance  , sorry i don’t accept that, Brook did not twist his ankle or pull a hamstring , sustained punishement from Spence broke the bone then made Brooks mind up that he could not continue . As i have said i grew up looking at boxers as superhumans ,we all love guys like Smoking Joe Frazier, who fought some of the all time great heavyweight whilst being blind in one eye, we have seen boxers fight with dislocated shoulders ,broken hands ,we have even seen Ricky Burns fight 10 rounds with a broken jaw . Am i saying Brook is like Nick Walters ,not a chance but by calling this a “quit” it really emphisises what the true warriors of the sport are willing to give in the ring .

Steven Donnell

Canelo vs Chavez :Preview and Prediction 

Saturday night will see this years all Mexican, Cinco De Mayo Big Fight night in Las Vegas  when Saul Canelo Alverez takes on fellow Mexican poster boy Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr ,as they battle it out to see who is the “King of Mexico” . For me this years Cinco De Mayo Fight night is special because for the first time in a long time we will have two Mexicans topping the bill and that only seems right for its the Mexicans fans that make this event different from every other big boxing event through the year .Having been in Mexico duruing a gold cup final (Football/Soccer) where they beat the USA,i can honestly say no one does passion for sport like the Mexicans .

“When this fight was first announced , i have to admit i was a little shocked and a bit disappointed”


 Chavez Jnr has been all but retired living the celebrity lifestyle he has always struggled to keep away from . Being the son Mexican Legend Chavez Snr, Jnr has always lacked work ethic and although most fans outside Mexico do realise he has skill most of us feel he‘s got an easy ride from people at the top, such as Mauricio Sauliaman the President of the WBC . Well all the above is true , well that is until Jnr’s last fight against Dominok Britch where he won a convicing points victory. That victory in itself was not really a game changer, as Chavez as per usual struggled with the weight, but what has made me sit up and notice is that Chavez has not came out of training camp since that fight ,to make sure he makes Canelos crazy 164lbs catchweight . If Chavez can make the weight this could be an interesting fight .

“no none knows how Canelo will handle being the smaller man”


Canelo is the other end of the spectrum, the son of an ice cream vendor, Canelo is one of the most dedicated boxers in the game. Canelo also replaced Chavez Jnr as the poster boy in Mexico. When this fight was announced i thought this would be a pushover for Canelo , but after seeing how Jnr is preparing for this fight  , then considering  the size diffrence between the two ,this could end up closer than i had originally thought. No one knows how Canelo will handle being the smaller man, will his power come up with him . In the build up to this fight one thing has become clear, the Mexican people  are divided in there loyalties , also the hatred between these two men makes the build up to Haye/Bellew look like a kids show so we should be set for fireworks .


I see this starting off a bit cagey, with both men weary of each others power . Also Chavez must be feeling some effects from dropping so much weight , so a high tempo will not suit him . Chavez will probably take some of the middle rounds , but never really hurting Canelo. The second part of the fight Canelo will force the pace and punish any mistake Chavez makes , with Chavez getting weaker and weaker . One thing we can say about Chavez tho is that he has always had a grant chin and that might just see him take it to the cards. Personally i will be going for a Canelo stoppage from rounds 9-10 .

Fight night Addition ,Please note  : Chavez has made weight  looking drawn in but has said he will be entering at 185lbd , Chavez jnr could be worth a couple of £ 

Burns vs Indongo :Big Fight Preview + Prediction

Well its nearly that time folks, another Ricky Burns Fight Night in Glasgow SSE Hydro as he takes on Namibian World Champion Julias Indonogo for the IBF, IBO and WBO Super Lightweight World titles as he tries to unify the division infront  of his home fans .

“I can tell you now this is not going to be an easy night for Ricky Burns”

Indongo who’s a southpaw is one awkward rangy costomer and as we have seen in the past Burns can struggle with this style at times .On Indongo’s last outing he beat bookies favourite Eduard Troyanovsky with a first round KO ( Watch here )in Russia to claim the IBO and IBF straps in a major upset to set up this massive unification fight with Burns , and the highly rated African is going to come to Glasgow looking to stop Ricky early and as we have seen he does have the power and skill to do it .

But its not all doom and gloom for Burns , not by a long shot . Ricky Burns has been one of the best Champions Scotland has produced in my lifetime . With his granite chin, work ethic and his Heart of a Rampant Lion , Burns is still a match for most between 135lbs -140lbs . Also Julias Indongo is a bit of a unknown quantity with only one recognised World Level opponent on his CV , where as Ricky Burns has mixed it with the likes P4P superstar Terrence Bud Crawford , Dejan Zlaticanin , Kevin Mitchell , Rocky Martinez to name a few and held his own ,if Burns can get back to anything near that level then he will be the unified Champion of the world ….that is a big IF tho.

“I do have a bad feeling about this one for Ricky Burns”


This a tough fight to call , from the very limited coverage i have seen of Indongo on youtube he does look like he has everything , but this is against guys nowhere near the level of Burns , his win in Russia was also to short to make a proper assessment of his skills . On Burns last outing i thought Kiryl Relikh outscored Burns in a close fight which the judges gave to Burns , that left me asking that night if age had finally caught up with Ricky? . I do have a bad feeling about this one for Ricky Burns but i am still going to back him to win on points,  his engine will see him thru, i think Indongo will start fast but fade as the fight goes on .

Steven Donnell

Williams vs Smith Big Fight Preview and Prediction

This weekend will see the biggest domestic bout of the year when Liam Smith takes on Liam Williams in the Manchester Arena for the interim WBO Super welterweight title, in what promises to be a great fight on BT Sports first show of there partnership with Frank Warren  .

Smith who is coming off a loss to Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez in his last REAL fight (Not counting Smiths 4 rounder in Spain last month) has been quick to shoot down anyone who claims this is a 50/50 but the truth of the matter is there is very little to choose between these two . Yes you could argue that Liam Smith has fought at a much higher level , but Liam Williams is a rising star in the division and will be wanting to show the World what he can do, that makes him a very dangerus opponent . If Liam Smith is to get his career back on track he has to get it right on Saturday night , he must draw on his experience ,as thats where he does have an edge on Williams .

Liam Williams has been waiting for this opportunity for a while now and i have no doubt when Saturday night comes he will be ready to go to war. Williams has also been getting some top sparring ,with the likes of commonwealth champion David Brophy and after speaking to David he told me Liam Williams is in top shape for the fight of his life . Although Williams may not have shared the ring with the likes of Canelo Alvarez he has came through some tough fights and is always eager to entertain which makes him a fans favourite .

Prediction; I think the biggest danger to Liam Williams in this fight is Liam Williams himself . Williams has a top class jab and with the way Liam Smith moves i.e. in straight lines with little to no head movement , Smith is tailor made for Williams , the big danger for Williams is his eagerness to go toe to toe , if Williams boxes and establishes his jab ,i see him going home with the belt

Steven Donnell

Crolla vs Linares Review + My Thoughts on Joe Gallagher

Well folks on Saturday night we got to see something special, we got to see Jorge Linares get back to his absolute best as he took Anthony Crolla to peices over the 12 rounds . Most people expected a Linares win but the way in which he went about this victory sent a message out to the rest of the division .

From the off Linares looked sharper,quicker and more accurate than Crolla and although  there was not a lot to cheer it was obvious that Crolla had a mountain to climb if he was to win back his world title . As the early rounds crept on past Jorge Linares quickly worked his way thru the gears , catching Crolla out with his wide variation of punches to which Crolla had little to no reply . Crolla was taking a massive amount of punishment  trying to get inside and force Linares backwards , but the few times he did get inside he done something that was ludicras , he covered up, stood static and tried to throw single shots , i really couldn’t believe what i was watching . The first time these two had met Crolla was on a bit of a good run and although he was clearly outclassed in that fight he was a threat and did give Linares problems , this time Linares was even better but Crolla looked like a shadow of his former self, he looked as if he lacked belief and by half way i had Linares up by six rounds and really on cruise control . In the seventh Linares was really opening up on Crolla and even sent him to the canvas with a lovely upper cut Crolla didn’t even see coming , and it did for a bit look as tho the end was near but Anthony Crolla showing some great heart seen out the round . The trip to the canvas seemed to wake Crolla up because he took the eighth, but still only landing single shots and never really putting Linares in trouble, but it did look for a while that Linares might have gassed but that wasn’t to be for Crolla , Linares was just having a round off . In the closing rounds Linares went back up the gears the ,Crolla was struggling and there was very little coming back but Crolla having the heart of a lion would not stop coming forward . At the end of the eleventh as Crolla made his way back to his corner, Crolla and his trainer Joe Gallagher seemed to have a confrontation , Gallagher was trying to stop the fight going into the last round but after some pleading Crolla came out and stuck on in until the end to take some pride  in taking  it to the cards, but it was only a formality as all judges had scored it 118-109 , this really was a masterclass from Linares setting him up nice for Mikey Garcia to see who’s the No1 in the division .

So what next for Crolla ?

I think there is only one logical route for Crolla and thats to finally demand Eddie Hearn give the fans the fight they want, Crolla v Flanigan ,two lads from the same city who went to the same school fighting for a world title , that fight sells big , if nothing else it could be a massive check out fight for Anthony Crolla ,but already Hearn has put road blocks infant of this fight demanding Crolla gets £1m purse for the fight which is insane for a guy coming off two losses and holds no belts .

Now onto Joe Gallagher, Saturday night was a disaster for Gallagher and any fighter worth there weight will leave or stay well clear of this outdated dinosaur. I said in my preview to this fight Gallagher must leave his ego at the door but very early on in the night we seen that could never happen . Youngster Marcus Morrison was left in the ring by Gallagher to be savagely beaten from pillar to post for ten rounds , a fight that shouldn’t have went past the sixth, and really did become painful to watch to the point Tony Bellew on commentary was pleading for Gallagher to stop it to no avail . Then in the main event Crolla was sent out with the same boring domestic level tactics of high guard ,no head movement and just to walk forward onto severe punishment from a world class operator in Linares , bizarrely Gallagher had seen enough after eleven rounds and tried to stop it , Crolla is an experienced boxer who had 3 mins left to fight for pride and Gallagher tried to pull him out , yet let a youngster fight be humiliated for most of the ten rounds earlier in the evening ………madness .

Steven Donnell